Edward J. Johnson Sr.

Founder & Board Chair

Edward Johnson Is a man of many hats…A motivational speaker, a musician, an entrepreneur, a builder, and an engineer to name a few. As a young family man, the need to climb the proverbial corporate ladder was clear & present. Thus, his professional journey began in the Accounting industry as an A/R Clerk. This opened the door for his foray deeper into the field, as his fastidious nature set the stage for a role Staff Accountant for a prominent Palm Beach mortgage firm.  The ceiling as a number cruncher rapidly approaching, he moved his family to Atlanta where he decided to change direction by leveraging his experience to gain entry to the Information Technology world via an Accounting Software company.  From here, he saw substantial achievements in the field, culminating in his role of shaping the development of a critical department for an I.T. Startup under a well-established global textile and steel company.  This challenging & enriching experience stoked the flames for the next great adventure: trading the ‘9-to-5’ to become the owner of a thriving Consulting Firm.

In 2020, searching for an outlet to exercise the pain and uncertainty of the climate we currently live in, GenWEL was created. The opportunity to carry the torch lit by the celebrated and the derided social and civil activists who saw, spoke up, AND fought against injustices, prejudices, and cruel treatment of the underserved is here.

Jasen W. Johnson

Vice Chairman

Straight Shooter

Jasen is a fun-loving and supportive husband to his wife, Adrieene of 24 years. He’s a proud father of 3 (1 boys and 2 girls); Jorden, Jasen Jr. and Janae. In addition to being a husband and a father, Jasen enjoys spectator sports such as collegiate and professional basketball and football. Jasen has a strong sense of individual communication, fostered by years of application of this skillset in the Information Technology and Accounting industries, respectively. Jasen served in the North Georgia area for over 10 years as a youth football coach and President of the Flowery Branch Junior Falcon’s youth Football organization. where he worked with young men to not only educate them in the ways of football, but also instilled discipline and work ethic. In fact, the young men led by Jasen were so bought in to these principles, they won their local Championship four years straight! Jasen has recently relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas where he has already been involved in his new community, donating much needed resources to the Food Bank of Roanoke.

Eddie Edwards, IV

Director of Process Development

The Fortitudinous Fighter

Eddie is a 20+ year veteran of the United States Army. He’s honorably served tours in Afghanistan, Bahrain, & Korea to name a few. He is equally a loving and supportive husband to his wife Thuyanh(Tyann) of five years, and a proud father of three amazing children; Jorden, Carter, and the newest addition, Mila.

Eddie enjoys reading, exercising, and coaching youth basketball. He’s also managed a successful career as a logistician and public relations representative and a reporting officer to a number of recruitment teams

Eddie continues to serve as a mentor for young men, pairing up with high profile organizations such as the Steve Harvey Foundation, and a youth basketball coach in the Louisville, Atlanta, and Orlando communities

Stacy Winchester

Director of Community Outreach

A Passion for Service

Stacy Winchester is a native son of Flint, Michigan. He is a servant of Jehovah, warrior for Jesus Christ, Husband, Father and plays an active part in his community. 

He identifies with the philosophy of Sankoforecognizing that he stands on the shoulders of those before him 

Mr. Winchester has over 30 years of experience in playing an active social activism role in a myriad of ways – from serving as an ambassador for Gamma Delta Kudo (a youth-driven organization), to being in a role of facilitation with CANUSA, a joint project of Hamilton Canada and Flint, Michigan, where youth from all ages compete in a variety of sports and activities, to serving as member of  B.L.A.C.K. (Black Leaders Aspiring for Critical Knowledge, to developing an initiative called T.O.W.E.R.S. (Teaching Others What Establishes Real Success) at Ferris State University to mentoring youth through Education development, and very involved with The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint and now the Crim Fitness foundation’s Community Educations Initiative where he serves as a Community School Director at Eisenhower Elementary. Mr. Winchester has always had a heart to love, serve and empower. 

Rawlan Lillard II

Director of Partner Advocacy

Mr. 'GO Time'

Graduating from an HBCU (Wiley College) with a degree in business administration, Rawlan has made his way through life by operating ranging from retail store manager, college admissions director, corporate relations manager, career development manager, social development director, community school director, and program manager, to name a few.  In each of the aforementioned, as well as those omitted, Rawlan has discovered a way of sharing information with others to enrich their lives. With a strong belief in the human experience, he shares what he knows to make a difference.

Rawlan is a proud husband, father, and son. He is proud to represent GenWel United as the Program Advocacy and Partner Development Liaison. He is humbled & honored to serve on a team focused on serving our communities.

Robby L. Knight Jr.

Director of Operations

Illuminating the Way

Rob currently serves as Special Projects Organizer & Lieutenant Secretary of GenWEL United, Inc.  Rob has enjoyed a successful career in Information Technology that has spanned over 20 years. Currently, Rob is serving at the Georgia Dept. of Education while also pursuing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, consuming all things sports, and finding meaningful ways to lend his energy to those in need. Many pointed efforts towards service include church volunteer facilitation, small group leadership, mentoring, peer counseling, as well as helping people to maximize their overall potential.  Rob is a proven leader and has served the Atlanta Metro area for nearly 25 years.

Joseph S. Burton

Founding Member

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Byron E. Bell

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Savalas Mosley

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Marvin D. Lee

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James Davis

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, we all have many miles to go before we rest. Fortunately, it only takes the desire to impact a life, a little civility, & a willingness to take it one step at a time. Get in touch today and start making a difference.