A Path To Ownership

An important and desirable component of ‘The American Dream’ is owning a home. While it is a foregone conclusion that ‘ownership’ is imminent for some, for others, this is a shore that appears too far to reach.

OwnWEL is hoping to change the mindset, create the opportunity, and facilitate the educational aspect and subsequent procurement of ownership for those with a desire to achieve this important milestone.  By working with our industry friends and partnerships, this initiative will equip the program participants to learn, identify, and eventually take part in the negotiation of a beneficial situation for themselves with favorable terms – putting them in the driver’s seat for land and property ownership.

The American Dream is available to ALL who dream of security and freedom.

OwnWEL is dedicated to seeing this dream through.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, we all have many miles to go before we rest. Fortunately, it only takes the desire to impact a life, a little civility, & a willingness to take it one step at a time. Get in touch today and start making a difference.